Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Six Ideas for Changing Your Values

As mothers we often fall victim to society’s skewed value system. Here is a list of mainstream society values (although there is evidence of change everywhere): Hard work, efficiency self-focus, extraverts over introverts, coping under pressure and a high stress threshold, material wealth and external beauty. While I started out my adult life with these values, they did nothing to improve my happiness. I began to reassess them a few years ago, honing in on what really made me happy. I found that when I achieved something big externally, I often felt empty when I should have felt elated. On the other hand, when I simply extended spontaneous kindness towards someone I felt good immediately, even if nobody knew about it. I also discovered that struggling could often be bypassed by tapping into universal energy through meditation and intention. As soon as I began to do this, my desires began to manifest without much hard work. Taking action after tapping into universal energy is vastly different to struggling against the world. Taking positive action doesn’t FEEL like hard work. So I decided to rethink my values and realign myself with those of the universal force. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Kindness and generosity

  • Moving slowly through the world

  • Building inner richness

  • Achieving goals calmly, without struggle

  • Maving through the world slowly

Although I still struggle to live these values on a daily basis, it makes me feel happy to remind myself that I have them.

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