Thursday, March 31, 2011

Comfort Eating

I am struggling with comfort eating. As the day wears on, even if it's been a good one, I find myself reaching for chips or chocolate. Carrot sticks and hummus just don't cut it by 3 o'clock. Why is this? Despite my good intentions I feel powerless against the urge to scoff whatever is in the cupboard. Luckily, I don't keep many tempting treats in there, but have been known to bake some cookies just so I can eat the mixture.

I imagine this issue plagues other stay-at-home mums, who find themselves either bored or stressed by the end of a day listening to grizzling. Overeating is also easy to do when you've had no sleep and need some energy. So, an action plan....

1. Stock nothing unhealthy in the cupboard. At least then when I scoff things they will be moderately healthy.
2. Try to stop and think about why I'm eating. Am I actually hungry? This doesn't always work but it does sometimes make me eat consciously.
3. When I bake a treat, save a small portion for myself and take the rest directly to a friend's house.
4. Don't bake any treats.
5. Drink lots of water. Sometimes I find that this fills me up and stops me from eating too much.
6. Do something that is pleasurable and doesn't involve food. Maybe go for a walk or paint.
7. Try to eat slowly. We just started having dinner after Scarlett goes to bed so we don't have to rush it and get indigestion.
8. Stop buying Carmen's Yogurt and Fruit Muesli Bars. They are ridiculously delicious and too morish. They may be healthier than other treats but is it ok to eat three in one sitting?

All these things help but I have to stay mindful of them, or else, chocolate feast! I want to relish a small treat now and then, not treat chocolate like a cigarette that I need to get me through the day. Do any other mum's have any ideas on combatting overeating?

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  1. I ask myself if I really am wanting to eat the chocolate or whatever else I am reaching for on auto-pilot, and if I find that I'm not, I ask myself what it is that I want to be doing, or what it is that I am needing right now that I am trying to fill with food. Then I find a way to fill it and the urge to eat chocolate (or whatever it is) disappears. Otherwise I let myself indulge. I'll eat until I'm satisfied, rather than try to limit my intake, leaving myself feeling unfulfilled anyway and making it a pointless exercise! I figure it's not doing anyone any harm if I indulge in chocolate when I want to (and often that is everyday, until, that is, I've eaten everything really yummy from my fridge and cupboard. In those times I have no choice but to find a healthier alternative, so there's the balance!). I feel very deserving of treats if I feel like eating treats. I can change my mind at any time and choose to practice self control and healthy eating, but right now I choose to indulge when I feel like it. I love chocolate so treating myself is doing something that is just for me and therefore serves a very worthwhile purpose when much of my day is giving to my two much loved young children.