Monday, March 21, 2011

Learning From Our Kids

Our children are the greatest teachers life can produce. They give us the opportunity to grow as people simply because we desire to do the best we can for them. With this in mind, I want to create a an online community of mothers who share ideas on how to nurture ourselves and our children. Through my own experiences as a new mum to 6-month-old Scarlett, I am experimenting with life skills that I hope will help me be a calm and loving mother. Through this blog, I will explore:

- Emotional Intelligence: The knowledge of our own emotions and how to manage them.

- Spiritual tools for tough times: Nobody can tell us how to raise our kids, as every child is unique. So how do we know the answers to our problems? Yoga and meditation often help me to go within and sort out my own issues. I want to look at different techniques and tools that are doable for time-poor mums.

- Healthy bodies: To raise healthy kids we have to eat well and learn to love food. We need to enjoy physical activity and find exercises that suit our individual preferences. Mums need recipes that are quick and healthy and exercises that can be done with babies and kids.

This blog is all about the small things that increase our happiness and ability to cope with the demands of motherhood. I will include posts on my own passions – food, art, books, travel and spirituality – and hope to review different ideas and approaches to motherhood. I also look forward to comments from other mums on how they deal with the highs and lows of looking after a little person.

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