Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Four Ways to Feel Like a Good Mum

"It doesn't matter if you play a small part or a big part, but play it well" - Paramahansa Yogananda

Sometimes I get caught up in feeling like I should do something fabulous. Sometimes it feels like being "just a mum" is a small part to play in the world. There are no awards for being a mum. There's no money in it. All the satisfaction you gain is to be savoured quietly, at home, alone with your child. No one notices whether you've managed to clean the house AND keep your baby entertained. But you do. Being a mum may seem like a small part to play when others are out earning big dollars and travelling the world. But playing your role well could mean the difference between contributing a happy child to the world or letting a little terror loose.

Yogananda's quote reminds me to focus on how to be the best I can be in the small role I am playing. This means being present and focusing on the small things instead of daydreaming about being a big "someone" out in the world. Some ideas for playing my role well are:

  • Notice and congratulate myself when I do a good job, whether it be cooking a nice meal or teaching my baby nursery rhymes that she enjoys.

  • Focus on the small things and do them well. Eg, wash the dishes properly, make my bed each day and read to my baby in an animated voice.

  • Limit facebook time. Is it just me or is everyone on facebook enjoying one constant party?

  • Make a gratitude list. When I think about what I am grateful for I realise how full and successful my life is.

    • These are some ideas that can make all mothers feel successful just for being themselves. Anyone have anymore suggestions?


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      2. Let's acknowledge mums around us for the amazing job that we know they are doing. And when the recognition from others comes back to us for the wonderful things we do as mothers, remember to accept the praise and say "thank you."

        GP, I'm impressed that you make the bed everyday...! And I love your honest, heartfelt blog. Your precious little girl is very lucky to have a wise, nurturing mum like you... =)

        PS.. I deleted the above comment to replace it with this one because I accidently called you JP instead of GP.

      3. I don't make my bed everyday! I just think it would be a good idea and I feel better when I do. Any tiny achievement is worth congratulating ourselves for.