Sunday, May 8, 2011

Art Project: Creating Intentions

A few years ago I made a large collage of things I wanted in my life. It was a mixture of words, drawings and magazine pictures that symbolised situations and events that I intended to manifest. Believe it or not, this creative project wasn’t inspired by The Secret. It was a fun experiment to see if my dreams could come true if I visualised them clearly enough.

I recently found the collage as I was moving house. It was a couple of years old and a bit dusty but it gave me such a lift to realise that most of the things I had visualised were now a reality in my life. At the time I made it, I had just come out of a depressing relationship. I had no money and a fairly boring job. I now have a wonderful man, a beautiful daughter, am financially comfortable, artistically productive and I just landed a job working from home as a journalist. All these ‘dreams’ were right there in front of me, on my collage. Finding it made me realise the importance of keeping my eye on what is really important. So today, I made another collage.

This one is a lot more focused on ‘being’ rather than ‘having’. After a few years of experimenting with ways to manifest my dreams I have discovered that:

• Intending to ‘be’ kind rather than wishing others would be kind to me is a lot more effective
• Intending to have the motivation to stick to yoga and meditation is more helpful than wishing for a calmer mindset
• Intending to create art from the heart is more effective than hoping someone will discover my talents and pay me lots of cash
• Thinking about what I can experience (travel/scuba diving/yoga retreat) with more money is more effective than just having lots of money in the bank

Creating my intention poster was so much fun and made me focus on what’s important. My dreams and intentions are much simpler now – have a nice vegie patch, stick to my yoga, grow as an artist. I now look forward to the day I can dust off this collage and see that all my dreams have become a reality.