Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I have lived in this desert mining town twice. The first time I hated it. This time I love it. What’s changed? The town is still the same stinking hot, dirt-encrusted place it was before but I am seeing it with new eyes. Suddenly, the people have become more welcoming. The weather is sultry. Getting two flat tyres is adventurous. Showing up at the supermarket to find they’ve run out of all vegies except onions is funny. The difference is that I now have a baby daughter to look after, and with her, the simplest pleasures are the best. Before, I used to daydream the hours away waiting for some tropical getaway. Now enjoy my baby’s smiles and watching our veggie patch grow. Is this one of the reasons why kids make us happier? Moving here has made me realise that I would be happy anywhere if my man and my little girl were with me.

Here’s a list of simple daily pleasures that I am grateful for (I would love other mums to add their own simple pleasures as comments):
- Waking up to my little girl smiling up at me from her cot
- Snuggling my man at night
- Talking to my family on the phone
- That all the check-out ladies in the supermarket talk to Scarlett
- Watering our veggie patch in the afternoon
- Lazing on a picnic rug with my man, watching Scarlett watch the birds
- The smell of espresso coffee (decaf, unfortunately) in the morning
- Searching recipe books for new meal ideas
- Cooking with fresh herbs and spices
- Having friends over for barbecues and enjoying the warm afternoon
- Taking Scarlett swimming at the pool
- Meeting other mums for coffee and sharing tips
- When a surprise parcel arrives in the mail
- The smell of incense when I do my meditation in the morning
- The silence of the desert at night (except for the crazy-loud cockatoos)
- Finding creative ways to decorate the house with what’s around
- Eating home-baked cake

These are my simple pleasures, which can be enjoyed anywhere - even the outback. What are yours?


  1. 1. A cup of well-brewed tea with lots of honey.
    2. When my two little one's are asleep at the same time during the day.
    3. A cup of tea with lots of honey, and indulging in chocolate when both my little one's are asleep during the day.
    4. Riding my motorbike.
    5. Dancing to music that makes me want to move.
    6. Heartfelt connection with others
    7. The feeling after a long session of stretching and meditating.

    Seven for now coz '7' is my favourite number...

  2. I've just discovered your blog and I look forward to more of it. I'm not a mum. In fact I'm single but I find that a lot of what you say is healthy and useful to anyone who wants to live a good life. I'm inspired by your outlook.

  3. Thanks Rivergirl, I'm glad you like my blog. Most of my posts are just about living a good life - for mums, non-mums and everyone else. Feel free to contribute any ideas you have. I really appreciate your comment.