Sunday, April 3, 2011

Experiments in Kindness: Part 2

Vera asked how my experiments in kindness went, so I thought I'd post on that topic. Let's just say my efforts were small (I never got around to writing that letter) but consistent. I'm fairly sure no one noticed but me - but that was the point, I think. Here's what I discovered:

- Complimenting people on the way they look is a very easy way to make them feel good. I have done this often this week and now it is becoming a habit (obviously I only do it if it is genuine!). It made me aware that I used to notice something nice about a person and not tell them. Very easy to change.

- As for 'being kind when in a bad mood'. Not sure how I went on that one...After a sleepless night with Scarlett I didn't wake up and make my man breakfast in bed or anything, but I did refrain from taking out my frustration on him. And I sent him a nice text. As a result, we didn't have a fight and I felt much better.

- A couple of days ago I went to a friend's house for coffee. She had just heard some bad news and I wanted to bring her a gift but couldn't think of anything (she's not eating treats). So I went with the intention of REALLY listening. Not sure how I went but I came away with a good feeling and I hope she did, too.

- I never wrote the letter but I did write some nice emails.

Today, I am trying to be kind to myself. The house is a mess and I'm having trouble with the day naps but Scarlett has been happily laughing outside, watching birds and saying dadadada in her cute voice. I must be doing something right.


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  2. Thank you for the feedback, GP. I believe you gave your friend so much more than any treat or material gift could have given her. With your true intention I'm sure your friend felt listened to and therefore much lighter after sharing her story with you. It feels so good to be heard. I think you deserve a pat on the back (I hope you remembered to acknowledge yourself for all your achievements with spreading kindness).

  3. I do need to take the time to proofread my posts before I send them. For some reason I have JP stuck in my head instead of GP...